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So most of you guys know that I’m really into the local music scene and most of the concerts/gigs I go to are just bands from my city or around Australia who charge like $15 entry and sell their own merch side stage.

I get asked a lot about why I go to gigs and why I spend money on buying shirts and EPs/albums off bands that no one has ever heard of/aren’t popular. I know quite a lot of local pop rock and punk or metal bands that are actually quite good and are all genuine guys and girls who really care about their music and everyone who comes along to their shows. 

Every single one of them treat you like friends and are just so down to earth and chilled, I’ve become such good friends with so many of them, to the extent that my friends think it’s strange that such a large quantity of my facebook friends are tattooed bass players haha. They are some of the nicest people I know, one time after a gig, I was waiting for my sister to pick me up from the venue, and usually the gigs are in pretty dodgy parts of the city (it’s the cheapest to hire and not too big/small for the crowd) and she was late. Nearly everyone had left and there was only me, my friend, her friend and two guys from one of the bands that played that night, who had just finished packing up everything and was heading out. They literally stood there talking to us and waited with us till we got picked up and generally were concerned about leaving us there. Another time, I was having a super shitty day, and I remember I tweeted something about how much of a hard time I was having and literally the first person to message me was a guy in one of the local bands. He talked to me for nearly an hour about just random stuff and completely distracted me from what I was feeling. The next morning he messaged me again asking how I was and saying he hoped I have the absolute best day today. 

I feel like a lot of people see guys/girls with piercings or tattoos and don’t feel like they’re as approachable as other people. But some of the most punk- as hardcore fellas are actually the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. The picture above is from a gig that happened recently. One of the bands Take Us To Vegas (Rock/Heavy Rock/Metal) posted the photo with the caption “If there’s no ramps at our shows it’s our job to lift.” Because the venue the gig was at didn’t have any wheelchair accessible ramps, the band literally went out and carried her in.

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